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Satellite Connectivity

Satellite Connectivity

Effective communication is critical to running a multi-location business. Communication breakdowns can cost your company and expose it to unnecessary risk. With cybersecurity concerns greater than ever, you need to trust the technology when you share content and data. Recognizing the tremendous versatility, reliability, and security satellite connectivity offers, more and more companies are implementing it to connect users, customers, resources, and machines around the globe.

SatCast Advantages

Our satellite connectivity service offers you advantages, including:

  • A high-performance network leveraging our satellite partnerships across the United States, Europe, and Latin America
  • Transmitting data to your sites across the country or around the world
  • Incredible scalability – You pay for the satellite bandwidth, not a per-location cost
  • Providing connectivity where there is no connectivity
  • Managed Connectivity through our 24/7 Network Operations
  • Center Integration capabilities with end-to-end solutions and hybrid networks

SatCast Satellite Content Delivery

SatCast, our secure content delivery satellite service, provides customers with global reach for their content broadcasts.

SatCast enterprise satellite data service includes:

  • Audio and video content delivery
  • Network Operations Center (NOC), Earth Terminal, and Satellite Hotsite locations
  • 24/7 network monitoring and alerts
  • Multi-point connectivity, with costs decreasing as locations increase
  • Reliable and cost-effective internet connectivity
  • The ability to send and receive data around the world
  • Occasional use bandwidth services available

Microspace Satellite and IP Broadcasting

We understand how to build and support a private business network. We also understand the impact such networks can have on your communication ability. SatCast, our high-speed audio, video, and data transmission satellite broadcasting service, uses the latest smart card technology to ensure your content’s security. It is the perfect solution for businesses needing economical and reliable multi-location content delivery. Compared to terrestrial solutions, SatCast is faster, easier to implement, and substantially lower in cost in many cases.

SatCast offers:

  • Satellite audio and video content media delivery
  • 24/7 network monitoring and alerts
  • Redundant power infrastructure
  • KU and C band satellite connectivity
  • Uplink capability to all major satellites
  • Employee training
  • Corporate announcements
  • File or software downloads


Our customers depend on us to deliver their content, and we have engineered SatCast to exceed 99.95% availability on an annual basis. You will not find a terrestrial provider that can make that claim.

How it Works

SatCast uses a small antenna with an inexpensive digital receiver for the remote site. Depending on the application scenario, the antenna transmits content to a TV, monitor, computer, or corporate LAN. You can assign a unique address to each site to deliver site-specific programming, putting you in complete control of your network.

Cost-Efficient Pricing

SatCast File Forward’s cost is based only on the amount of data you send: no paying for unused bandwidth. You can send your content to our uplink facility via the internet for simultaneous broadcast to your remote sites.

SatCast’s cost is based only on the bandwidth needs of your organization, which means your monthly recurring charge is a fixed amount. The economic cost per site decreases as you add locations to your network, while terrestrial network costs continue to climb as you add sites.