Over the past couple of years the term of “the Cloud” has become popular. The Cloud seems to have two perspectives. One, for users of the Cloud it is a place to put your content; work and personal. Second, for technical people the Cloud is an interchange of servers and communication networks. For a minute, let’s look at the Cloud from the second perspective.

Microspace’s client servers are right here in our buildings. They put those servers at the edge of the communications network that delivers their content. Sure, that content is IP. Sure, that content is video. Sure, that content is email and other data files. Sure, that content is music and other audio programming. Sure, that content is being delivered over a Microspace satellite service.

So is Microspace services part of the Cloud? Absolutely! In fact, from a satellite perspective, maybe Microspace services while being part of the Cloud are actually; Over the Cloud.

Interestingly enough, Microspace’s clients have businesses getting their content both from the internet cloud and from over the satellite cloud. And it’s the same content. It’s just a different “last mile”, if you will allow the spacial reference.

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