We’re happy to report that in the early hours of Sunday, June 7th, Microspace Communications successfully transitioned its AMC-1 customers to the new SES-3 satellite.

As of Monday morning, pleased SES-3 users from across the country are reporting increased signal levels on the new bird. The SES-3 satellite will provide a long term stable communications platform for Microspace customers well into the 2020’s.

“At this time we are very pleased with what we are hearing from our customers… Those customers were very patient as Microspace worked over the past 24 months or so to make the transition a successful one.”
– VP Sales & Marketing, Greg Hurt

While AMC-1 is a reliable satellite, it’s approaching its end-of-life due to fuel requirements. Here are some of the benefits that SES-3 users will experience now that the transition is complete:

  • Larger footprint
  • Better performance
  • Operational life through 2023
  • High-availability & highly reliable signal at your North America downlink locations
  • Additional rain-fade margin
  • Long-term, stable delivery platform

More Information on the SES-3 Transition (Polarization, Frequency, etc.)