The Telecom Radio Podcast, hosted by Phil Howard, interviewed our own Greg Hurt and Curtis Tilly about the importance of having a backup internet connection for your company.

The podcast is advertised saying that “No one ever thinks about purchasing a backup internet connection until they’ve felt the pain. Don’t be that company. It is not a matter of “if” you will experience and internet outage, It is a matter of “when”. And for how long? And at what cost?”

During the interview, Greg shared a story about a customer with a series of major distribution centers across North America that was interested in our VELOCITY CellCast solution. We offer demos of our router so that companies can verify there’s no building issues, the distance from the tower, and the tower loading time. They signed up for a demo and it was working just fine, but the IT manager was having a hard time convincing his boss to bring our solution on full time. When our team followed up with them to check on things, they decided to return the router since they were still awaiting approval.

Per our standard practice, we had sent them a FedEx return label and they packed up the router to return to our office. While it was sitting at the front desk awaiting pickup, they had a fiber cut. The IT Manager ran out to the front desk and was relieved that the package was still there. He called our team, re-hooked up the router, and got their business back online in minutes. Since then they have become a regular customer.

Also in the podcast, the guys shared about the troubles they hear from clients on an almost weekly basis about delay installation of service. The companies have appointments set up for installation of Cable/DSL/Fiber service, and for various reasons those appointments get pushed out 30 or 60 days. In the meantime, those companies need an internet connection to continue to function. These clients are very pleased when they speak to us to hear that we can get a router sent out to them within days – possibly the same day if they call early enough – so they can be up and running quickly. Many of these customers choose to keep the CellCast technology in place once they get their primary connection put in. Our CellCast solution allows them to have a reliable backup plan in place and ready to go any time their primary network has an outage.

The guys also shared a story about a customer with over 120 sites throughout the United States on their network, which is primarily DSL, that we service with our 4G Wireless solution. At any given time on average,five to eight of their locations’ primary connectivity has failed and they are relying on our technology for their internet connection.

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