Enterprise IP Connectivity Bi-Directional Satellite Solution

Velocity DataBridge LogoVELOCITY DataBridge is a new 2-way VSAT solution from Microspace. This revolutionary bi-directional satellite solution is setting a new standard in cost, performance, and convenience for communications. With DataBridge, your business has the reliable connectivity anywhere, anytime, that is affordable without compromising performance.


VELOCITY DataBridge provides IP connectivity for the most challenging and critical enterprise applications. It’s perfect for applications ranging from M2M, SCADA, to IoT and more.

DataBridge offers the flexibility for meeting infrastructure, bandwidth, and security challenges to ensure connectivity no matter when or where you need it.

Case Studies using DataBridge

Read Case Studies of how DataBridge has assisted other users with their IP Connectivity issues:

Velocity DataBridge Network Diagram
Velocity DataBridge 2-Way Satellite Connectivity


  • 2-way satellite communication solution
  • Low monthly operational costs
  • Inexpensive hardware
  • Utilized Eutelsat SmartLNB technology
  • Same-day installation
  • Advanced monitoring
  • Network alerts and reporting


VELOCITY DataBridge can be installed as the primary connectivity solution, failover for your existing network, or as a secure parallel network.

Unlike waiting weeks for installation of expensive terrestrial circuits, DataBridge can be installed and up-and-running on the same day.

Velocity DataBridge Applications Network Installation


The affordability of the DataBridge bi-directional satellite solution extends beyond the low monthly cost. DataBridge utilizes inexpensive hardware, using miniature 76 cm satellite antennas and integrated IP modem and router. All hardware is fully warrantied.

Alerts and Reporting

Tracking specific network criteria is made easy with DataBridge. VELOCITY DataBridge can be configured to deliver the type of status updates and alerts that are applicable to your unique requirements.

DataBridge’s network reporting informs you of as much or as little data as you need. Reporting is accurate and automated, so you’ll always be aware of the critical information you need.

Fully Managed Solutions

As with our other VELOCITY solution offerings, DataBridge features advanced monitoring from the fully redundant Network Operations Center, which is located on-site at Microspace headquarters. Troubleshooting and resolving connectivity or hardware issues can be easily done from our award-winning Network Operations Center.

Our DataBridge engineers monitor your network around-the-clock via the Network Operations Center, for enterprise-level service, control, and 24/7 visibility of your network.

Velocity DataBridge Hardware Box
Microspace Communications Network Control Center


VELOCITY DataBridge is engineered to provide 2-way communication and connectivity for whenever and wherever you need it. The hardware, monitoring, and network reporting is included in the pricing. Pricing is based on two-year terms.

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