Microspace’s VELOCITY MicroBurst service is a new satellite offering developed by Microspace to meet the demands of an organization’s “bursty” content delivery demands.

VELOCITY MicroBurst allows VELOCITY data users to acquire occasional “bursts” of additional bandwidth. Many content delivery requirements call for a weekly or possibly a monthly update of new content to supplement their daily delivery.

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Custom Data Delivery Rate

This type of content update is best served by a technology that allows users to increase the data rate of their fixed rate Microspace channel for short, medium or longer periods of time. Users not only pick the amount of time but also select the data rate to be utilized during that period of “bursty” traffic.

High-Bandwidth Satellite Delivery

It’s really the best of both worlds – getting high bandwidth satellite delivery and paying for it ONLY when you need it. No need to pay for an additional 1, 2.5 or even 5 Mbps when you only need it for 1, 3 or maybe 5 days.

Let VELOCITY MicroBurst compliment your fixed rate VELOCITY channel.

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