About Microspace

Founded in 1988, Microspace Communications is a pioneer in innovative broadband solutions for established and emerging enterprise applications, including digital signage, corporate communications, faith based radio broadcasting, critical messaging and a variety of secure data networks.

With one of the world’s largest satellite based networks, Fortune 500 organizations and small companies alike rely on Microspace to deliver their business critical video, audio and data content.

Satellite Tower

Securely Broadcasting to Locations Around the World

Through its VELOCITY® satellite service, Microspace is reliably and securely broadcasting content to locations around the globe. The scalability of our solutions allows us to meet the needs of a range of industries.

Microspace also offers wireless and internet solutions that in many cases perfectly compliment the fixed cost, multicast benefits of satellite broadcasting. These wireless solutions include cellular, which when combined with satellite, create an extremely cost effective and reliable hybrid network.

Microspace also maintains a robust ecosystem of technology partners and professional associations to support all aspects of a successful enterprise network. In addition, VELOCITY is engineered with an open-architecture platform, which supports a wide variety of hardware/software suppliers and price-points.

Network Operations Center

To ensure industry-standard quality of service and reliability for VELOCITY, Microspace provides 24├Ś7 monitoring from its state-of-the-art Network Control Center in Raleigh, North Carolina. It also leverages the global reach of major satellite operators to provide expansive international network coverage by nearly a dozen satellites across the US, Europe and Latin America.

Microspace is a privately held, wholly owned subsidiary of Capitol Broadcasting Company, Inc and is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Guy Control Board